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Buzz Aldrin - Launch was a success

Woooow, yesterday wrote Buzz Aldrin on Twitter : "Well done NASA, ESA and ULAlaunch on last night's launch! Looking forward to seeing the images #SolarOrbiter sends back of the Sun's poles". Buzz is 90 years old, was Apollo XI Astronaut and first moonwalker together with Neil Armstrong. Fantastic !

And he's right, launch was a great success! In this post you can watch a beautiful video of the launch made by Anik, who was watching at Banana Creek in Kennedy Space Center. You will notice that the rocket's noise will come with a delay because of the distance.

Solar Orbiter is in space and alive: after 56 minutes there was a first acquisituion of a signal and a few minutes later the solar panels were deployed. This was a very important moment: the solar panels provide the satellite with electricity and keep it alive.

Enjoy the video !

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