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Expectations : Anik


I am Anik and I am very excited to be able to go to the solar Orbiter launch. Since 7 years I have been working on the preparation of the science operations of this mission. So it is going to be very exciting to see the mission being kicked off with an impressive launch of the spacecraft. Of course I am also a bit worried ... let’s hope the rocket launch goes fine and our precious spacecraft gets delivered nicely in the correct orbit. And fingers crossed that the launch will not be delayed ... it would be really a pity if we can't see it after all.

After launch the true work will start for our ESA team in Spain: planning all the observations the spacecraft will make and making sure all instruments work together to send us back the best solar data ever! Solar physicists all over the world hope to use these measurements and solar images from so close by, to better understand our star and how it affects us on Earth.

Go Solar Orbiter!


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