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Kennedy Space Center

HI, Witse here (aka Fernando),

Today, we visited the KSCVC (Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center). Just having arrived, Paxi felt like flying in the air. Having past through security, we got some exclusive goodies and space calendars. Then we decided to take a bus tour around the 39A and B launch pads (SpaceX and Apollo). The bus driver was very entertaining and we laughed a lot. We also saw some alligators. When we arrived at the Saturn/Apollo Visitor Center, we got introduced to the theme by a small but very interesting video about the Space Race and Apollo missions ending with the launch of Apollo 8. We then made our way into a giant hangar with a full-scale Saturn V in it. We assisted to the Apollo 11 theater show which was very realistic : ). We had lunch under the Saturn V rocket and continued our visit. Having got back to the main complex, we went into the Atlantis building and went through an amazing introduction in which the screen lifted up revealing the giant Atlantis shuttle and the Hubble telescope (some photos below ⬇️). There even was a slide and an ISS model which you could go into. We had to hurry because of the Solar Orbiter meeting at 15:00. We finished the day at an amazing restaurant and ate some delicious food. 


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