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One Billion Kilometres !

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Today, 27 Jan 2021 around 16:15 (*), Solar Orbiter has reached one billion kilometre flown since launch!! What a distance! And that in a bit less than one year from launch, 352 days to be more precise. If you would have to travel that distance in a car, at 100 km/hour, it would take you more than 1140 years to reach this point.

Note that the spacecraft has not been flying in a straight line away from us. It has been following an elliptical orbit around the Sun and on that journey it has just passed the km. Want to know more about the trajectory it is following? Read the next blog post!

(*) 16:15 Central European Time, that means the time in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, etc. . In the UK it was 15:15 at that time.

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